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Zavtracast (Завтракаст) is one of the most popular tech and gaming podcasts in a Russian-speaking segment of the web. Ranked number one in Gaming category of Russian iTunes for 8 years consequently since 2016, Zavtracast is considered one of the most successful indie podcasts in Russia and other post-soviet countries, also it’s in top 2500 podcasts of the World via ListenNotes.

Zavtracast is three totally different people: former CTO Dmitry, former CMO Timur, and video producer as well as prominent photographer Maxim. They are joined by their love of games, new tech, cinema, tv shows, viral internet trends, and marvelous stuff happening right here right now all around us.

The podcast sometime has invited hosts & guests that are popular Russian speaking tech bloggers with audiences spanning to millions of people. Also Zavtracast often invites prominent guests from around the world like:
Hironobu Sakaguchi – the creator of Final Fantasy gaming franchise,
Jason Schreier – one of the most famous investigative games journalists in the World, author of Blood, Sweat, and Pixels book,
David Perry – the creator of Earthworm Jim, Aladdin, MDK games as well as Gaikai streaming service (acquired by Sony and turned into PlayStation Now),
Dan Gray – creative director of Ustwo Games (Monument Valley, Alba, Assemble with care),
David Goldfarb – lead designer of Battlefield Bad Company, Battlefield 3, Payday games,
Matt Curtis – VP of developers relationship at Roblox,
Warhorse Studios – developers of Kingdom Come Deliverance game,
Daniel @ZhugeEx Ahmad – famous gaming analyst.

Zavtracast is a big community. With almost 1500 paying subscribers across 3 crowdfunding services as well as 35k+ audio streams and 12k+ views on YouTube per episode – it came a long way to the hearts of its listeners and viewers.

Founded: December 16th 2015

Hosts: Timur Seyfelmlyukov, Dmitry Zombak, Maxim Zaretsky

Official website: zavtracast.ru
Twitter: @zavtracast
Telegram: telegram.me/zavtracast
VK: vk.com/zavtracast
YouTube: zavtracast


Since 2016 we also launched a new music podcasts – Zavtratunes. This is a pet project of Timur where he releases his own dj sets (new and vintage) as well as guest mixes. Mostly the genres are techno, house, trap, future beat, electronica, vaporwave. The guest mixes are made by some cool people from around the world: CRi, Sable Blanc, SHYWOŁVE, Défense, A.L.I.S.O.N, Desired, Newclear and others.